Implement Employement Management System Using C


Consider each employee has four children and all studying same number of subjects in same class. These are the structure members of Employee, Children, and Subjects. For employee structure we have to takedown the following information Id, name, age, gender, salary, struct children. For children structure we have to note name, age, gender, struct subjects. For subject structure we have to take sub1, sub2, sub3.

After taking all the above information we should print the following output:

  1. List the employees whose children got 75% of total marks.
  2. List children names of employees whose salary is more than the average salary of all employees.
  3. Count the number male and female children of all employees.
  4. Sort children of all employees by their names and print it.

Here, the functions we need are calculation of total marks of the students, calculation of average salary of the employees, counting the number of males and females, sorting of all the children names.


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