It is two terminal device Passive element,Where it stores the electrical energy in the form of magnetic field.It can also be be defined as which exhibites the property of Inductance.  Watch video at end of this article to get clear on Inductors working .


One of the most fascinating thing about Electricity is how it can create magnetic field.Coils are still used today in relays solenoids,transformers and Inductors.

Inductance is the characteristic of a device (inductors) which resists change in the current through it .

Working principle of inductors is that when a current flows in a coil or a wire, a magnetic field is produced, which disappear when the current is stopped.

The decaying magnetic field produces an electromotive force (EMF) which tries to maintain the current.

When the coil current is switched, the induced EMF would be produced in such a direction, so as to oppose the build-up of the current.

When current direction changes the field direction will also changes.

When current flows through a coil of wires energy from the current produces magnetic field.


The ability to store electrical energy in a magnetic field is called Inductance.

Inductor stores electrical energy in the form of magnetic field.

Factors effects Inductance:

  1. Number of turns
  2. Length of the coil
  3. Diameter of the coil

Inductance holds the the following laws:

  1. Faradays  laws of Electromagnetic Induction
  2. Lenz law

Mathematical representation of Inductance is V=L*di/dt

Units: v-sec/amp (or) Henry

Symbol :

Note : Inductor exhibits the property of inductance only when it is in AC circuits . In DC circuits inductor acts as a short circuit .

Inductor is usually a coil of wire often wrapped around a ferro magnetic material  such as iron .


Types of Inductors :   

Slug tunned Inductor


You can see inductors in TV’s ,radars , sensors ,Transformers , Filters , etc…,

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Inductor Tutorial :


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