Audio Amplifier :

Audio Amplifier is a device which strengthen the weak signal. Usually in audio systems we use amplifiers to drive the speakers of high power rating .

Now , in this article you are going to see how to make an audio amplifier using single transistor to drive the speaker of 10W .

Components Required :

  • Transistor – 2N6292       x1
  • Resistor – 2.2k       x1
  • Capacitor – 22uF       x1
  • 3.5mm Jack         x1
  • Speaker     x1
  • Breadboard   x1

Circuit :

  • First place transistor on breadboard
  • Insert resistor at pin 1 and 2 of transistor
  • Insert positive terminal of capacitor at pin1 of transistor
  • Insert one wire of 3.5 mm jack at negative terminal of capacitor.
  • Insert remain wire of 3.5 mm jack at pin3.
  • Insert one wire of speaker at pin2 .
  • Connect remain wire of speaker to +5v supply .
  • Connect ground of power supply to pin3.
  • Plug the 3.5 mm jack to any audio playing device and enjoy the sound .

Circuit Construction and Testing :


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