In this article you will see how to make simple oscilloscope using arduino .

Oscilloscope is a device which is used to analyse and see the signals . But the device is very much expensive . As a electronic guy some times it need to analyse the signals where we cannot buy a oscilloscope for simple purposes . This article give you an information to make oscilloscope which is capable of 0-5 v input .

Components Required :

Arduino Uno

Arduino IDE

Procedure :

>>Download Code Here<<

Step 1 :

Open Arduino IDE and Open the code ,then upload to arduino board . Code attached above download there .

Step 2 :

Open serial oscilloscope file from the downloaded folder .

Step 3 :

Set baud rate to 115200 . Set serial port to your arduino board connected port .

Step 4 :

Click on Oscilloscope button and select channel . At a time you can see 3 channels in one window .

Step 5 :

Now here the probes connections are , every analog pin of arduino board can use as a channel . To activate multiple channels in window you must enter channel number in terminal .

Everything is done .

Watch Video :




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