When it comes to features and specifications we mostly check certain features like:


Lets talk about each of it briefly

1st storage (RAM AND ROM)

The cost of the mobile phone will not be effected by increasing the ram or rom of course it effects but very less because ram and rom…after all they are nothing  but memory card attached to motherboard of mobile with some more options

Second battery: it plays a key role in choosing a mobile because every one wants a mobile that works for a long time. Now a days every(mostly) smart phone manufacturer is using lithium ion polymer battery .so, it does not effect the cost.

Camera: it also plays a important role as now a days every one is becoming selfie freak.

This effects the cost but only up to 20% of the cost

Here comes the main and the heart of the mobile


This is the reason the cost of apple , Samsung and other leading mobiles cost more than others

Because the performance of a mobile mainly depends on the processor. Weather the ram is 2 gb with a powerful processor it can outrun a mobile with 4gb ram .

The battery consumption by the mobile will also depends on the processor architecture and the technology used

This the reason we see less mah (battery ) in apple and Samsung when compared to mobiles like mi , gionee etc.

We are talking about the technology and architecture used for manufacturing a processor how are these going to effect the processing speed and battery life an heating issues of a mobile


as we know that a processor consists of millions and millions of transistors . the technology used to manufacture those transistors plays a key role. As we know as the size of the transistor (channel length) is more the power used and heat dissipated by the processor will be more and speed decreases as the length is more. Which ultimately leads to heating issues and fast drain of battery .

And Samsung and apple are the companies which manufacture the processors with a 14 nm technology unlike others. Snapdragon uses 16 and 18 nm where mediatek uses 18 and 22 nm

Samsung exynos processor uses 14nm

Apple A9 processor uses 14 nm and 16 nm

And these companies sped a lot of money for the Research and development of new and powerful processors.

Where other mobile companies buys from companies like mediatek, qualcomm snapdragon

Recently  announced that Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI),  and Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., have extended their collaboration to manufacture Qualcomm Technologies’ latest Snapdragon premium processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, with Samsung’s 10-nanometer (nm) FinFET process technology.

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