Now modi’s call to digitization, modernization and make in India, these words showed a very good growth in technological development. With a sprout in the number of Indian start-ups started researching in IOT and related smart technology and mainly on the degree of application of smart innovations to the actual society has became a criteria. now worlds largest democratic country is going to take very big step by conducting the country elections to IOT.

With electoral issues such as booth level rigging ,proxy voting ,impersonation of voters, voting malpractices, and other unhealthy practices.

Experts feel that, with IOT in elections can provide a smart solution to the problem of proxy voting. Like voting identification through bio-metric matching with Aadhar info (fingerprints) “a huge amount is spent in conducting a fair election . but now a days it has became common for some forces to indulge in rigging which may eventually lead to a result contrary to the actual verdict given by the people” states BASTIN ROBIN J-chief technology officer and chief data scientist at CLEVERINSIGHT.

The voting system he proposed is during elections the thumb impression is taken and compared with the existing Aadhar record if they don’t match, the vote will be denied and it trigger alerts and communicate with the nearest police station and action will be taken.

“with this bio-metric hybrid electronic voting system we can get instant results”.

The working of this system as follows:

  • It comprise of a main host where it obtains data from all the EVM’s(electronic voting system) from various polling stations
  • These are connected through a secure network. Counting of votes is done. Even though it is easy to get results it too has some loop holes.

The main problem is HACKING. Hackers can get into the main host and can manipulate the results. But this can be solved with good skilled engineers and IOT providers can develop secure gateway for voting.

It is believed that it is simple to program sensors and scanners to match voters fingerprints with that of the UNIQUE IDENTIFICATION AUTHORITY OF INDIA (UIDAI) database. these can than be deployed at the pooling booth level to authenticate users.

Nonetheless smart Aadhar-driven voter list can be conceptualized effectively. Engineers can even infuse smartness in the form of IRIS SCANNERS, and an altogether smart voter identity card which is electronically generated and machine-laminated arrangement which has existed from ages now.

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